Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Our family of four had a very low key Easter. We did not have any plans. Owen's parents were busy with Dick. He just had surgery and was recovering. And we did not feel like traveling so we stayed home and enjoyed Easter with the four of us. We did manage to go see the Easter Bunny and movies with friends. Then went to mass at St. Fabian's with an Easter Egg Hunt. This was also a first for us. It was a good holiday and a special one.

One Easter tradition I am very happy I still do is getting boys Easter picture in the same chair with bunny ear and their Easter church clothes. Well...this year Sam did not really want to help me with this and the outtakes are hilarious.

Apparently Sam did not want to take any pictures this year.

Oh but in true Sam form...he pulled through and had a great Easter and mom was able to get good pictures...


April 2017

Baseball started in April. Andrew did not really want to play this year. I talked him into it because I thought he may remember how much he liked it. Andrew was on a great team. A lot of Sacred Heart kids and it was a good team. They did not win a lot, but they had fun.
This was Sam's first year. Sam didn't really want to play either, but he is good. I am hoping he knows he has potential and sticks with it another year. He also had a great team. A lot of boys we knew and his coach was very sweet and encouraging. They also were not very good - but I am not sure the kids understood that.


Sam had been having an ear infection that would not go away. Then he developed a rash. When we went to check on the rash the doctor told us we should go back to the ENT because Sam still had a tube in his ear from when he was 13 months old. We went to the ENT expecting to be told nothing was wrong - but instead he told us that Sam needed to get a new ear tube and rotate the other one plus get his adenoids out. Sam was such a trooper. He did so well going into surgery and then coming out of it. It did take a good week for him to bounce back. Sam does not take medicine well, so that was a challenge. But luckily he did let us put the ear drops in his ears. At our follow up the ENT said everything looked great.

Sam's Pre-K class had a pet fair and Sam signed Ralphie up. Ralphie got a new tie and collar for the event. He loves to dress up. Ralphie was great in the car going to school. However, Andrew complained a little of not feeling well. I was telling him he had to go to school but that if he still felt bad, then I would come and get him. Also, since I had Ralphie I was going to drop the boys off in car line. We were third in line for the teachers to open our door and Andrew starts throwing up. A lot! So I pulled into the parking lot and walked Sam into school. Luckily Andrew was ok for us to bring Ralphie to the pet fair for 30 minutes. Then Andrew and I went home and rested. Luckily Andrew bounced back quickly, but it was a hectic morning.

Every year the school has a testing week, but Pre-K does not take the standardized test. This means, they go on field trips all week. I was able to go with Sam to Fulmer's Farm. It is a great field trip. Sam has a great class and I love spending the day with my little man.

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