Tuesday, October 3, 2017

June 2017 pictures and happenings

 My Aunts Gini and Kathy and Uncle Doc stopped by for lunch on their way to Starkville. This was a big treat - they have never done that before. 

 This is Sam asleep at night in his room - I think he refused to fall asleep in his bed
 Owen installed a tv outside...which has been so much fun...we have really transformed our back porch to another living space. 

 Skating and birthday party fun

 Popsicle and fun with our best friends in the neighborhood

 Summer naps

 Owen and I celebrating 10 years of marriage. We went to the place we had our first date and then went to Branch for dinner. 

 Uncle Nathan and cousins Nate and Will came to visit for Nathan's birthday.

Dak Prescott Camp

Andrew attended the Dak Prescott camp again this year. Last year it was at Starkville High School with 200 kids. This year it was at MSU and 1000 plus kids. So definitely a different experience. I think Andrew had fun. He did not want to go...but I registered him before I knew that. Next year if Dak does a camp I am hoping to get some friends to go with Andrew. Sam will be able to go next year too. 

 Pictures with mom while we waited for Grandmom and Granddad and Little Dooey's

 Screen shot of the pictures from the camp...that is Andrew with his hand up
 Another screen shot from the pictures they camp sent to us. I did not want to purchase this picture because you just see Andrew's side...but he is pretty close to Dak.
The group shot that we got for free - I am not sure I have even printed this one out yet.

I do hope Dak does the camp again...

Broken Arm

This summer the boys went to Jump In Gymnastic for their day camps. We have done for this several summers and holidays. It is a well run camp and works great with my work schedule. This particular camp day I received a call that Andrew fell and that he was OK, but wanted me to get him. I knew that was strange because Andrew is very tough and doesn't usually need me to comfort him when he falls. He also did not want to go with them to the Updown Trampoline park (his favorite place). I left work immediately (9 am) and went to check on Andrew. He was sitting by himself and immediately starting crying when he saw me. He was holding his arm so close to him that I knew something was wrong. We got his things and left. While we were getting in the car I asked him to pick up a paper bag. Andrew could not pick it up. I knew he had broken something. We drove to see Breanne at her Clinic and she x-rayed the arm. He definitely had a break. So we went to see Robert Dews at Southern Bone and Joint. They x-rayed it too and it was a buckle break of the wrist. Andrew was in a cast for 4 weeks and a brace for a week. Luckily the cast was waterproof so it did not slow down his summer. With the exception of no more jump in gymnastics.

Jump In did send flowers and a stuffed tie dye horse...that Andrew loves!!! They were very sweet about it and understood that we were not coming back. In fact Andrew refuses to go to any birthday parties there. It is still very fresh in his memory.

New Orleans Theater

Abby, Wanda and I went to see "Mama Mia" in June this summer. It was a really fun day. We at brunch at Brennens and then walked to the Saenger. The play was great and the whole day was just a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

May 2017 - Andrew's AR Celebration and the Zoo

Andrew's teacher - Mrs. Brown is amazing. She planted a seed for reading and I could not be more happy with Andrew's love of reading. He continues to amaze us with his knowledge of things he learns from books and how much he retains from reading. It is a true gift.

His class celebrated all the readers (which was EVERYONE in his class) by going to the zoo. It was a hot but very fun day. Sam even got to go too.

 Jackson, Satchel, Abner, Andrew and Michael

 Saying good-bye for the summer to Mrs. Q. She was so good this year!! 
Saying good-bye to our favorite 1st grade teacher - Mrs. Brown...but little did we know then...she moved up to 2nd grade...so now we have the best 2nd grade teacher around. :)

This field trip was the last day of school for the boys...summer bound and they were ready!!

May 2017 - Key to Kindergarten

 Singing songs they learned through out the year

 Receiving his certificate from one of the best teachers 
 Received his "Key to Kindergarten" from his 6th grade buddy Lane
 Sweet hugs from Mrs. Garcia

 Liam and Sam (buddies from M&M Learning Factory)

 Claire and Sam - buddies from M&M Learning Factory
 Angus and Andrew - the big brothers being silly
 capturing a smile with our favorite teachers
The Pre-K class of 2016-2017

I was a bit emotional for the Key to Kindergarten. I know Sam learned so much this year and is more than ready to keep growing and getting smarter. But he is my baby and seeing him hit these milestones stirred up emotions I was not expecting. He is a great student and great friend. He has handled school so well. And has impressed Owen and I so much and keeps impressing us. Sam is going to so far in this world. He has a contagious spirit and people love to be around him. 

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