Thursday, November 9, 2017

July 2017 - fun weekends with friends

In July four of my college Blacklist friends got together for a mini reunion. I have not seen some of them for years! And we picked up where we left off. We talked, talked, talked, talked and talked some more. It was absolutely wonderful and did my heart a lot of good to see them. 

The four of us - Me, Jenny, Whitney and Laura Beth

Also in July went to Carlise - the Clarke's farm. This was our 2nd time to go and the weather was perfect. We laid around in the creek, the kids played, made s'mores and had a fun time just being able to run around.

After Carlise the boys and Powells headed south the Gulf!! Another great time just being able to play and have no real routine. 

Getting the cast off - July 2017

Andrew's arm healed just the way it was supposed to. He was able to get his cast off in July - right before we went to the beach :)

Pokemon Art Camp

Our favorite art shop - Bristles had a one day art class for boys - POKEMON!! Their favorite. So this silly kids all went! Andrew, Sam, Eli and Graham.

Manners Camp

Amanda had manners camp for Brantley and Andrew this summer. Andrew was really excited about it. He actually would not let her forget to do this. So our babysitter Kenzie took Andrew to Amanda's for 3 days and Emery and Sam would go swimming while Brantley and Andrew had camp. It was so thoughtful of Amanda to do this and she did it well!!! Fun memory for these two sweet kids.

July 4th and Andrew's special day

Andrew has chosen July 4th as his special day. He got a new game for his 3ds and had a supper happy day!!

We went to Canebrake Country Club for fireworks with our friends. It was spectacular!!

Owen's 40th Birthday Celebrations

Owen turned 40th this July! He did not want anything big - no party...not anything really. But luckily Nathan did not listen. He and his new girlfriend Lauren came into town. Abby did also. And the 5 of us went to New Orleans. We had a BLAST. That may be an understatement. It was the best 48 hours as a family. They treated Owen so special and he had a great time. We ate our way through the city and went on a swamp tour. Such a big high light. Owen had the best time. He did not stop smiling. We got wet, muddy and went fast on the air boat. Just perfect!!!

The boys stayed with my parents. They had a fun time at Grandmom camp :)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

June 2017 pictures and happenings

 My Aunts Gini and Kathy and Uncle Doc stopped by for lunch on their way to Starkville. This was a big treat - they have never done that before. 

 This is Sam asleep at night in his room - I think he refused to fall asleep in his bed
 Owen installed a tv outside...which has been so much fun...we have really transformed our back porch to another living space. 

 Skating and birthday party fun

 Popsicle and fun with our best friends in the neighborhood

 Summer naps

 Owen and I celebrating 10 years of marriage. We went to the place we had our first date and then went to Branch for dinner. 

 Uncle Nathan and cousins Nate and Will came to visit for Nathan's birthday.

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