Friday, March 9, 2018

NOLA trip before Colorado

We went to New Orleans before we flew out to Colorado. We went to City Park - which for some reason we have never done before. It was great and definitely a place to go back to. Owen asked for recommendations for food and one of his friends suggested this Italian place near City Park. I can not even think of the name...but it was so good. Very local and very authentic. It was a great start to our vacation.

2017 New Year's Eve - Vacation

Our friends the Sellers' invited us to go on their Colorado ski trip. This was a great idea in theory. Well in reality too. The boys learned to snow board. They loved it. Andrew asks to go back all the time. The Winter Olympics came on when we got back and it really helped all of us appreciate the difficulty and enjoyment for the Winter Olympics. Owen and I attempted a sport we had never tried before. Owen did a great job. Even went up the ski lift. Sam and I did not enjoy the sport quite as much.

The state was beautiful. Mountains for days. The company was awesome too. The Sellers' are such sweet people and we enjoyed getting to know them better.

For New Year's Eve the ski resort had a big party for families. It was probably my favorite of the days. The fireworks show was amazing!!!

2017 Christmas Morning


This is the gift I received from my BlackList secret Santa - Melanie!!! It is a wine topper and New Jersey ornament. I love that is apart of her that I get to have here in MS.

The boys were very good this year - Their big gift was kindle tablets. Lots of big lego sets, tents and books. I got a kindle too for Christmas and Peter's Pottery. Both from the boys and my parents. Owen got clothes and a chain saw from the boys. He also got the Amazon Echo dot. Which has loved using from the moment he got it. He has connected lamps and our outside flood lights to it. It was one of our best holidays.

Christmas Eve Dinner - Birthday Dinner

We still have Red Beans and Rice for Christmas Eve and Sam's birthday dinner. This year we invited our neighbors to celebrate with us too. My parents and Owen's parents also came along with Abby. It was festive and lots of love for our sweet Sam.

After the birthday party the boys set out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Then we all nestled into our beds so Santa would come and visit us.

Ready for Christmas Eve Mass 2017

We went to the children's Christmas Eve mass with St. Fabian. This is our 2nd year going and it was a great.

Friday, February 23, 2018

December 2017 - Santa Visits Hattiesburg

Santa surprised the boys this year by coming to the house to check on them. What a surprise!!! It is truly a special treat and the boys feel so special.

Santa even brought gifts!! The each got a stuffed animal and a book that goes with the animal.

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